Shed it.

Do it now.  Put it in a wagon and send it away.  ” Your life is worth it.  See blog below:

enzo big wagon

Lead Your Life

it not now

It’s spring!  Spring is the season of new beginnings, and it is a fabulous time to take inventory of our lives.  A quick way to
assess your life is to make a list of each major “bucket” of your life; relationships, commitments, your job, spiritual life, wellness, values, civic obligations, etc.

Then, for each and every, ask yourself one simple question:  “Is this in alignment with what I’m up to in the world and who I want to be?”  If the answer is YES!  Outstanding!  If the answer is no, ask the follow up question:  “If I commit to only those time investments that light me up, do I need to scrap this or tweak?”  Scrap it?  Do it today without apology.  Tweak it?  Write down exactly what that means, tell someone, and then commit to transformation!

I believe it is that simple.  We can’t create more of what we…

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